Simple Things

Greetings, Living in simplicity is … well, a simple thing, according to some organizers, and relatively painless as well. After all, it’s just a matter of voluntary downscaling. But if you were to ask New Yorkers about how painless it is to downsize, you would hear a different story. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the path…Read more »

Eat Thy Greens

This is one of the top commandments found in my corner and the results are amazing. There are so many ways to enjoy your greens. I almost turned vegetarian once I discovered how fun it is to prep my greens. Whether it be Smoothies, salads, a quick snack or even for garnishing …. greens just…Read more »

The snuggle is real

It is never too early to teach a child how to be organized. The earlier, the better. Kids love to learn new ways of doing things, so it would be a big score if parents could encourage their little ones the importance of being organized and putting all their toys in place. I have a…Read more »