Nice to meet you
Organizing makes me happy, always has.
I am blessed with a flair for organizing.

I am Nchimunya Goring (fondly known as Inchee), a wife, Meal Prep Expert and a Professional Organizer. I am the founder of Inchee’s Corner, a New Jersey based home & business organization company and lifestyle brand.

I come from humble beginnings, grew up in a small town in Zambia, Africa, where my parents raised me and my siblings to appreciate life, work hard and follow our passions. I went to Law School back in Africa and it was there I learned the basics of organizational skills. An organized lawyer is a productive lawyer. A productive lawyer is a more profitable lawyer. Practicing law involves countless details and deadlines, and this is the kind of expertise I bring in my Organizing profession.

Every Corner.

My first memory of organization is sorting and labeling my sisters’ closet drawers at approximately 8years of age. Who knew, back then, I would one day be turning this skill into a career. Inchee’s Corner was born as an answer to my need to minimize and create order in my life. Moving quite frequently while growing up made it imperative that I keep an orderly life and let go of any unnecessary mental and physical clutter. Through sharing my own organizational projects, I quickly realized how many other women were feeling completely overwhelmed in their own homes. This gave me an opportunity to combine my passion and experience to create a personalized service for those women seeking function and order in their busy lives.

The first meal prep I ever did was for my bedridden dad. I learned the art of meal prepping through the most difficult days. My dad was under the impression that the food was prepared by a

Meal Prep Service company because of the outstanding presentation. When he found out it was prepped by me, he was amazed and encouraged his Lawyer daughter to expand on my God-given talent and live my passion. That encouragement was my turning point.

I love traveling, biking, letter writing, inspirational stories and I’ve found that the more organized I am, the more adventures I am able to seek. My attraction to mindfulness and self growth equips me to work with individuals seeking similar life improvements. Basically, I love making life easier and creating a great story for each client. Clients who choose to work one-on-one with me are investing in their personal growth and experiencing peace in all corners of their homes. My goal and purpose is to make every corner of your home functional because when your space is organized, you enjoy an organized life.

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